Eco Consultancy

Whether you want to improve your home or design an eco-friendly house, you may find an Eco Consultation an excellent investment. It will pay off in many ways:
• Find out how to use and install cost-effective Solar Panel Systems.
• Install effective water saving technologies.
• Build eco toilets.
• Get an overview of how you can implement a smart eco-friendly lifestyle that does not cost the earth.
I work with a team of expert Eco Construction specialists at (Chris Dew’s) Casita Verde, Ibiza’s leading educational centre for applied eco-friendly technologies. We can help you to find the right solutions that will work for you and the planet.
Our team of experienced advisers, specialists and entrepreneurs is happy to assist you in any project, no matter how big or small. Contact us now to see how much you like our services and 30 years of experience with innovative eco designs that work.


Take the guesswork out of finding the most qualified fitness and wellness experts. Fulfill your needs right in the convenience and privacy of your home, hotel, office even poolside!
Whether you want a yoga session at sunset on the beach or assistance with planning an important event, let me help you to provide the services you desire in one convenient package. All of our practitioners and trainers are expertly pre-screened for experience, advanced certifications and licensing so that you get the crème de la crème, and all are fully insured. Essential oils are also available for purchase. Let me know what areas of life you would like to strengthen and I will help you to take care of it.

Sustainable accommodation in Ibiza but also Mauritius & Italy

Its important for me to make sure guest are staying in nature friendly “homes” while enjoying holiday time with loved ones. I work with private owners in Ibiza, Mauritius and Italy. We don’t have global certifications yet but we are getting there. For now I can guarantee that all of our accommodation is eco-friendly because: 
• We reduce the consumption of energy by installing energy saving devices (low consumption light bulbs and electrical appliances, solar panels, etc). This causes less pollution and helps to conserve natural resources.
• We reduce fresh water usage by installing water saving devices on taps and showers etc. We also provide eco friendly products such as toilet paper and laundry detergent. By using ecological laundry detergent (and other ecological products) waste and water can be recycled more effectively. This helps to conserve the Earth’s most precious resource and reduces contamination of our environment. 
• We do recycling by helping to separate your rubbish and depositing recyclable materials in their correct containers. This encourages local authorities to continue improving their recycling schemes and it also gives us a good feeling to be doing something positive for your environment.

Boat Service

Why not to start a day by heading to Formentera on your private yacht or just sail around the beautiful island? The water of the Mediterranean is special, especially in Ibiza and Formentera. There are over 56 beaches and coves surrounding the island, where you could find a secluded spot with crystalline and turquoise waters or wide and clean beaches where your children could play and walk without deep waters. I will put you in touch with trustful brokers and speak on your behalf to make sure you receive the best services. On the day I will meet you in the port to make sure you find the dock easily and I will make sure everything is perfect as you requested. I can help you to book a table in a restaurant for lunch. My aim is to make sure you will have a nice and enjoyable day. For some days in July and August it’s advisable to book in advance as availability is limited.

Car Rental

Renting a car is essential if you want to discover the beautiful Island of Ibiza. Now you have the opportunity to be part of the eco-movement and help to preserve the nature in Ibiza island. My goal is to support sustainable environmental practices, renting cars with respect to the ecosystem. The 100% electric cars do not generate any green gases that create irreversible damage to the Ozone layer in the way that conventional cars do. The electric cars have a range of 195 kilometers (NEDC cycle in Autonomy Approved , New European Driving Cycle), which is reduced to about 150 km average with the use of air conditioning / heating or other device. More than enough to move on an island, considering that the size of the island is 41 kilometers from north to south and 15 kilometers from east to west. In addition, many of the island Agritourisms are concerned about the environment and have installed chargers where you can have a full recharge in 3 to 4 hours at the most. 

Private Chef Service 

This service is for people who are planning to spend theirs holidays actively, those who prefer to enjoy the holidays without working in the kitchen, for people who love good healthy food and eat at home rather then go to a restaurants.This service is for anyone, The Chef will take care of the breakfast, lunch or dinners. Shopping, service and cleaning are included in the price. You can book daily, weekly, or monthly services. 
Evie de Gala collaborates with Chefs who supports local shops, farmers and products. We always buy best quality products but if you like to eat supermarket food that’s okay too. Our Chefs always choose seasonal vegetables, spices, fruits, and herbs. 
For more informations do not hesitate to email me. I will be happy to answer your all questions.

Special Events and Celebrations 

If you are looking for a Dj, Musician, Poem reader, Interior Decorator and/or Garden Decorator then it is a great pleasure and that is great news. I am here to help you. I use natural products and nature for this. I have creativity in myself, that’s why I can help you with with confidence and enjoyment. 
Evie de Gala’s decorations have natural appearance. 
My motto is 'less then better'. I use lemons in spring and figs in the summer, and grape or thyme around the house which looks great too. Let me know what you will be celebrating and I will make it happen for you.

Child Care 

Children, they are the ones we love so much, the ones we can learn from. Kids in Ibiza are amazing because they have the opportunity to be looked after conscious, educated, creative nannies. We have selections of services available. 
For the people who come to Ibiza for holidays it is a great solution to hire the babysitting service for the evenings. There also is a great opportunity to let your child/children go with the nannies and explore the island. Services can be tailored to your needs. We have international team covering different parts of Ibiza. All nannies have first Aid, and are kind and gentle. 
Tell me what you need and I will help you to arrange the right service. These services are extremely popular in the summer months, please book your in advance if you would like to do more then babysitting with for child. This is especially important if you want a trip to places like Casita Verde http://greenheartibiza.org/casita-verde/about , Forada market, Lamullea or maybe Inbango where all kids can play an instrument.

About Me

My name is Evie De Gala, a Planet Friendly Concierge.
I am a personal concierge / ECO consultant. I am here to help you understand that the natural environment is very important and that we need to apply a special 'synergy' if we want to have a better life / vacation and positive energy around us. I am here to make your holidays easy, naturally balanced, plus affordable, pleasant and high in quality.
ETHICS Evie De Gala, it's not just about profit. I always think about my customers and suppliers, the local community and the natural environment first. Evie De Gala's values are; beauty, balance, love, creativity, fun, happiness, self-esteem. Evie De Gala's characteristics; honesty, loyalty, optimism, reliability, sophistication, enlightenment, dedication, elegance, helpfulness, cultural creativity, humility, sensitivity, commitment and positive energy.
If you want to find a sustainable accommodation, reserve a boat, chef, special food, childcare person, home spa, electric bike or car, or in fact want to arrange anything you wish to use during your holidays, do not hesitate to contact me. My intention is to make sure that you do not have to worry about anything before your arrival and then to enjoy your stay in Ibiza.
It's best if you contact me before arriving to the island and the sooner the better, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of your needs. You should better make the reservation earlier, because in the high season, many services are very popular and soon become overbooked. I can assure you that most of my service provides exclusive attention to the customer's requirements.
For additional questions or if you need advice, please contact me by phone on +34 655 931 458, by email hello@eviedegala.com or use the contact form on my website.


"We were introduced via friend of a friend via Facebook group (we are all connected anyway) and from the very beginning of the conversation Evie was on the ball, on the case, very responsive and staying on top of all the things.
After some initial conversations we agreed on the price and left our two girls (4.5 and 2) with Evie. All good, positive experience, easy job...
I believe that girl has potential to deliver other quality services - she is very well connected and knows the Island."

"This message is to simply say and to simply inform to who it may concern.
I landed in Ibiza on Thursday. I was picked up by my lovely concierge Evie. She opened the doors to Ibiza for me, informed me very quickly and simply on what happens on this magical island. She helped me get everything I wanted and more. She is a fun, good personality and i will advise all my friends who decide to take a trip to Ibiza that Evie is the one and only!
Thank you Evie!"

"All our flowers were exactly want we wanted and you managed to arrange everything even in such short notice and without us having to meet too many times. My wedding bouquet was so beautiful and unique everybody commented on it, I have kept it as well!! The flowers on the pedestals were even better than I had imagined, they were so impressive a big success. Also, the table arrangments were wonderful.Overall both Rani and me are very happy with your service and I would definately use you in the future for any upcomming events and I would strongly recommend you."

"Evie helped to make my wedding very special.Evie is very professional and reliable, I didn't have to worry about anything, she organized everything to every little detail. We were very happy with all the  arrangements and my beautiful bouquet. I highly recommend Evie De Gala to anyone who wants to get something special and unique!"



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